Various Benefits of Ornamental Plants for the Environment

Various Benefits of Ornamental Plants for the Environment

Indoor houseplants provide a number of benefits for physical and mental health. Come on, find out the benefits of indoor ornamental plants and how to care for them!

Placing indoor ornamental plants does not just add aesthetic value. placed indoors can actually provide many benefits for the environment and health. Unfortunately, there are still many people who realize the importance of placing plants indoors. Some people prefer to put plants outdoors on the pretext that the inside of the room is not dirty.

Ornamental Plants

Benefits of Indoor Ornamental Plants

Various Benefits of Ornamental Plants for the Environment and Health

No need to be afraid of the floor getting dirty when you place indoor ornamental plants. If the floor is dirty, you just mop the floor with Super Pell Himalayan Berries. So, what are the benefits that can be obtained by placing ornamental plants indoors? Get to know the following benefits of indoor ornamental plants!

Refreshing Air

Living in urban areas prone to pollution makes it difficult for us to breathe fresh air. NASA once conducted a study called the Clean Air Study to examine types of ornamental plants that can clean the air by absorbing harmful toxins in the air.

Of the many types of indoor plants, Paris Lilies (Chlorophytum comosum) are plants that are very effective at cleaning the air in the room. In fact, caring for this plant is fairly easy. Paris lilies are able to neutralize the air from benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. This type of poison comes from volatile organic compounds and comes from items found in the house, such as furniture or carpets.

Gives a Natural Fragrance

Reconsider the decision to use air freshener. Air freshener products can indeed emit fragrance in the room so that the air feels fresher. However, you need to know that air fresheners are substances that have the potential to be toxic if inhaled by humans.

The healthiest solution to make the air in the room smell good is to place indoor ornamental plants that emit a fresh scent, such as the kaffir lime tree (Citrus hystrix). This plant produces a fresh aroma from the fruit and leaves.

Maintain Air Humidity

Planning to buy a humidifier? Why buy a humidifier for hundreds of thousands or millions of rupiah if ornamental plants can be natural humidifiers to keep your room moist. The reason is, 10 percent of the humidity in the air we breathe is released by the plants around us.

The yellow palm plant (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) is a popular ornamental plant that can release moisture into the room. You can place this plant in a room that tends to be dry and has minimal air ventilation.

Reducing Stress

Indoor ornamental plants are not only able to produce oxygen and make the air in the room fresher, but caring for ornamental plants also has a positive effect on your mental health. When you plant ornamental plants and actively care for them, your mood and mind will get better. You’ll forget all the stressful things while you’re busy tending to those plants.

Feelings of happiness will appear when the plants that have been cared for so far can thrive. Every time you look at the plant, you will definitely feel better.

Not only that, green ornamental plants help you unwind after doing daily activities. The mind becomes fresher when you see houseplants in the room or inhale the fresh scent of them.

Reducing Allergies and Asthma

The fact that ornamental plants can reduce allergy symptoms has been proven through research conducted by the University of Agriculture in Norway. Plants placed indoors can increase humidity levels and reduce dust in the room. This is certainly very helpful in reducing allergic reactions or asthma.

This study also proves that placing plants indoors can reduce allergic reactions or respiratory problems, such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and other symptoms related to other respiratory diseases.

Beautify Room Appearance

The main function of indoor is to beautify the appearance of the room. Currently, many interior designers have placed several types of  to add to the aesthetic value of the room. Certain types of ornamental plants also look appropriate when combined with modern interior design themes.

If you want to place to beautify the room, adjust the size of the plants to the available space. Avoid placing ornamental plants that are too large in a small room because this will reduce the aesthetic value. In addition, the shape or color of the selected ornamental plants must also be adjusted to the room decor to make it look beautiful.

Increase Concentration

For those of you who often feel bored and tired because of working indoors continuously, try placing several types in the room. As we know, ornamental plants are not just aesthetic value additions, but can be moodboosters to increase your concentration and productivity while working.

Several studies show that placing small ornamental plants on your desk can increase work productivity by up to 15 percent. This benefit is of course influenced by the appearance that refresh the eyes and the fresh air produced by these plants so that you can concentrate more while working.

Relieves Congested Nose

Placing Lily of the Desert (Aloe barberae) effectively makes the air in the room cleaner. When you breathe clean and fresh air, respiratory problems such as nasal congestion will subside.

You can also get the benefits offered by this aloe vera-like plant by boiling the leaves. The steam from the cooking water of this plant can relieve the symptoms of asthma or nasal congestion due to the flu.

You can get the various benefits above if you grow best plant indoors. Given that there are many positive benefits to be had, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to place indoor.