Tips to Making an Extraordinarily Cozy Bedroom

Tips to Making an Extraordinarily Cozy Bedroom

The bedroom can be said to be the ‘comfort zone’ for us. Whether you have large or small dimensions, you are sure to be safe doing everything in the room. Apart from its main function as a place to rest, the bedroom is also our zone for doing hobbies and even doing work. Everyone certainly wants to have a dream room that makes them feel safe at all times, right?

Even so, of course there are times when we feel bored with the nuances of a room that is just like that. This subject definitely makes us do not like to linger in the room. To make it more comfortable, let’s follow the 10 tips for making a safe room and make you feel comfortable below!

Pay attention to bedroom lighting

Lighting is often taken for granted, meanwhile this factor affects your comfort in the room, you know! A bright bedroom will make the atmosphere livelier and fresher. Open your window curtains and let the sun shine into your room during the day. You can also use night lamps or decorative lamps to add a cozy and aesthetic feel. Your sleep at night will also continue to be sound!

Cover the floor with a comfy rug

The next guide to making a comfy bedroom is the use of carpet. Not only makes you comfy, carpet can also change the atmosphere of your room more attractive. Choose a rug with a soft and safe material. Don’t forget to always keep the carpet clean so that you can always relax on the warm carpet. Try it, imagine lying on the tired carpet while watching your favorite movie, getting lazy to go out of the room in fact!

Put fresh flowers to your  bedroom

There are some ornamental flowers that are fragrant and suitable to be placed in the room. Lavender flowers one of them! Lavender is known for its fragrant aroma and has a relaxing effect. What’s more, some research shows that the smell of lavender can make your sleep more quality, you know! You can put lavender flowers in the corner of the table or near your bedroom window. Not only smells good, your room will still be beautiful with this purple flower!

Use aromatherapy paraffin

Don’t want to bother with maintaining fragrant plants in the room? Don’t worry, you can make your room more comfortable with paraffin with the aroma of medicine. Nowadays, you can get medicinal aroma paraffin easily. There are various forms and variations of aroma that you can choose from. Turn on the healing scented paraffin when you want to relax or do hobbies in the room. The soothing aroma will make you feel relaxed and comfortable!

Regularly change bed sheets

Almost all activities in your room are carried out on the bed. Whether it’s watching movies, doing assignments, playing laptops, or just laying down. Well, one of the tips to make you feel more comfortable in your room is to regularly change the bed sheets. Make your bed always clean and smell good! Make sure to use your favorite scented fabric softener when washing sheets. You can also spray your favorite perfume on the sheets!

Create a reading corner

This one guide, anyway, will really be ‘heaven’ for those who like to read novels! To continue to feel at home in your room, place your favorite books in a safe spot for reading. You can also place a soft sofa or floor pillow so that reading activities are still comfortable. Remember, choose a reading corner that is close to the lighting! Even better if it is placed near a window to make it easier for you to get sunlight.

Tiny speaker for favorite music

Do you like listening to music? This one guide can make you feel at home in your room, you know! You can easily find tiny speakers with cute shapes and attractive colors. Choose a speaker model that matches the theme of your room so that it continues to be interesting. Put your speaker in the corner of the study table. Connect bluetooth or USB cable with your favorite music player device. Just imagine listening to music while reading a novel on a soft carpet, you’re gonna love it!

Get rid of piles of dirty clothes

Just entering the room, have you been greeted by a natural panorama of piles of dirty clothes? Who, anyway, like this? The tidiness of the room certainly affects your comfort. The cozy feel of the room can just be ruined by the piles of scattered clothes. Avoid Routines letting dirty clothes pile up. If you haven’t had time to wash it, fold it neatly and don’t put it carelessly. Try, deh, tidy up the pile of clothes that towering in your room. The atmosphere of your room immediately changes more delicious, right?

The right wall paint color

To be safer when relaxing in the room, choose a paint color that matches the relaxing feel. If you don’t want it to be too bright, avoid white because it can reflect a lot of light. You can choose wall paint colors with warm tones such as beige, soft gray, or a combination of bright blue and navy blue. In this way, the nuances of your room will change continuously to be calm and make you feel at home resting in the room.

Selection of bedroom makeup according to your personality

Each person has a unique character. Express your personality in room makeup so that it continues to be cozy and attractive at the same time! You can choose the theme of the room decoration that you like. Starting from minimalist, bohemian, Scandinavian, and so on. Choose room decorations and furniture that match the theme of your room. After all, a room with a suitable feel will definitely make you feel more secure and comfortable than anything else!