The Most Common Causes of Wobbly Shopping Cart Wheels

Casters are critical to company operations and must be in top condition. If the casters fail to function properly, the products you transport may be jeopardized. Please continue reading to learn what causes unstable casters and how to best deal with them.

Rear Wheel

If you’ve noticed that your shopping cart wheels are wobbling, there are several causes that you should look at. These include improper tire seating, bent hubs, and missing lug nuts. In many cases, a simple fix will fix the wobble problem. You can apply penetrating oil to the wheel assembly to ensure the wheels are secure.

The rear wheel of your shopping cart is usually fixed. It makes it ideal for forwarding and backward motion but less than ideal for side-to-side adjustment. The front wheels, however, are free to move and must be properly aligned to avoid swaying or tipping. A shopping cart with one front wheel out of alignment is difficult to steer and dangerous to operate.


If your shopping cart wheels are wobbly, the suspension may be the cause. The suspension system is designed to keep the weight of the wheels even throughout the wheel assembly. You will need to replace the suspension system if these components are worn or damaged. Additionally, improperly balanced wheels can cause wobbling wheels. Proper wheel balancing will correct these issues and ensure a smooth rolling tire.

If you’re experiencing a wobbly shopping cart wheel, the problem may be in the suspension system. Four-link suspensions offer a smoother Read More